Johnny Logan Songbook Vol. 01

With Johnny Logan & Jack Sherrard Johnny Logan Musik vom Profi lernen

Johnny Logan teaches you his favorite songs

Johnny Logan Songs nachspielen


You are a big fan of triple EuroVision Winner Johnny Logan and you already know the lyrics of his songs by heart? With the new interactive Johnny Logan Songbook, Johnny Logan himself will show you how to play his favorite songs on guitar. His son and guitarist Jack Sherrard is supporting him in the online videos.

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  •  English with close captions in german language (can be switched on/off)
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With his 3 EuroVision Hits and the
international Top-Single „Galway Girl“!


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  • Matthias Reim"Hätte es das bereits gegeben,
    als ich angefangen hab´
    Gitarre zu lernen, wäre ich
    wahrscheinlich heute der
    größte Gitarrero der Welt.

    Matthias Reim
  • Johnny Logan mit Gitarre"I wish something like this would
    have existed, when I was starting out!"

    Johnny Logan
  • Chris Schneider - begeistert von Play Guitar" ist für mich das
    zweitwichtigste Invest ins Gitarrenspiel,
    gleich nach der Gitarre selbst!"

    Chris Schneider
  • Tanja Schley liebt die Unabhängigkeit"Mit kann ich jederzeit üben."

    Tanja Schley
  • Stefan Schwarz"Für das Geld gibt´s mächtig
    was zurück! Ein richtig
    geiles Paket!"

    Stefan Schwarz
  • Rainer Thielmann"Danke, Bretti, für die Motivation!
    Ich werde weitermachen!"

    Rainer Thielmann
  • Mika Müller ist begeistert von Michael Brettner"Bretti erklärt das echt Klasse!"

  • Nina"Für mich als blutiger Anfänger mit
    wenig Zeit die ideale Lösung."

    Nina Gilhooley
  • Peter Jakob" gibt mir genau
    das, was ich brauche: Technik,
    Harmonielehre, Rhythmik."

    Peter Jakob
  • Tino Müller"Ansprechend präsentiert und 
    didaktisch klug aufgeteilt 
    vermittelt dieser modulare Kurs das 
    nötige Rüstzeug."

    Tino Müller
  • Sven Heiland"Ich habe nun das
    Matthias Reim Songbook
    einige Wochen getestet
    und bin sehr begeistert! 

    Sven Heiland
  • Jessica Braun"Es war die beste
    Entscheidung mit dem
    Unterricht bei
    Play-Guitar anzufangen!"

    Jessica Braun
  • Andy Brasser"Euer Kurs ist spitzenmässig"
    (...) Sackstark!"

    Andy Brasser


Learn to play guitar the easy way with
the „Johnny Logan Songbook Vol. 01“

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Kursinhalt „Johnny Logan Songbook Vol. 01“:

Item number 40923

  •  Level: rookie
  •  Johnny Logan´s 10 favorite and best songs
  •  With Johnny Logan and Jack Sherrard
  •  English with close captions in german language
  •  Full-HD videos: 62 min. running time
  •  Tabs as PDF and GuitarPro files
  •  Notation and leadsheets


  1. What´s Another Year (EuroVision Winner)
  2. Hold Me Now (EuroVision Winner)
  3. Why Me (EuroVision Winner)
  4. Dancing With My Father
  5. Waterfalls
  6. Leap Of Faith
  7. Solid Ground
  8. Galway Girl
  9. Irish Soul
  10. Shine On

The Johnny Logan Songbook – a must have for every fan

For almost 30 years Johnny Logan belongs to the league of international top artists. Known as Mr EuroVision he is the only one who has won this prestigious contest for three times! Despite his many successes he is very down to earth and meets his fans on a normal level. Johnny Logan is a thoroughbred musician who wrote a multitude of hit songs during his career. Amongst his best known songs are the mega hits „Hold Me Now“ and „What´s Another Year“ – these songs are part of the songbook.


New and unique – learn songs taught by the artist!

johnny-logan-wall-400In our interactive Johnny Logan Songbook we will show you how you can play Johnny Logan´s favorite songs on guitar in an easy way. Your teacher will be the artist himself, supported by his son and guitarist Jack.

We want you to have a lot of fun playing our arrangements for yourself or together with friends. You can play the Johnny Logan songs on acoustic or electric guitar, our arrangements work for both instruments. Furthermore you´ll get additional information about the songs. Who would be a better teacher than the artist himself?

You don´t have to be a professional guitar player to have fun with the Johnny Logan Songbook. Of course it will help, if you do have a little experience. In order to fully enjoy our Songbook, you should have mastered the basics of guitar playing.

If you want to dig deeper into the world of guitar playing, you could try out one of our other online lessons.

We wish you a lot of fun learning the songs!

If you want, you can start today! Learn Johnny Logan´s best songs, directly from the artist himself!


Order now for only 47 Euro (instead of 77 Euro)